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Scaffolding (Steger)
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Scaffolding (Steger)

We are ready to assist you in meeting the procurement needs scaffolding, for the construction needs of individuals and construction industry.

Scaffolding from our new, consists of two main frame, two cross brace, 4 joint pin
As for the goods that we distribute are manufactured goods (manufacturing) is not home industry, while the advantages are:
1. In welding technology with co2 not with the usual electric welding (adhesion eminence)
2. Paint the outside immersion in the oven instead of paint brushes + usual
3. Goods certified according to standard due diligence and sni
4. Experienced distribution to exit the island and even abroad

jaya various scaffolding is a company engaged in the sale / rent scaffolding, scaffolding sell new / used, rental scaffolding.

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