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Scaffolding Cross Brace
Scaffolding Cross Brace
Scaffolding Cross Brace
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Sell Scaffolding Cross Brace

Specification of Scaffolding Cross Brace

Scaffolding Cross Brace

Cross Used As A Link Between The Scaffolding Frames Available In 3 Sizes 2'20, 1'93, 1'83.

Aneka Jaya Scaffolding Company Is Engaged In The Sales / Rental Scaffolding, Scaffolding Sell New / Used, Rent Scaffolding.

Let Us Help You Fulfill Needs In Scaffolding Procurement, Construction Supplies For Individuals And Construction Industry.

New Scaffolding Of Us, Consists Of 2 Main Frame, 2 Cross Brace, Joint Pin 4
The Clincher We Distribute Goods Is Made Goods Factory (Manufacturing) Not Home Industry, The Advantage Is:
1. CO2 In Las By Technology By Las Electricity Not Fair (In The High Power Paste)
2. Cat + Oven Bags Outside In Not Paint Brush Ordinary
3. Goods & Eligibility Test Match Certified ISO Standard
4. Experienced Distribution To Even Out Islands Overseas

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