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Clamp Accsesoris Scaffolding
Clamp Accsesoris Scaffolding
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One of the accesoris or completeness of scaffolding / steger has a role as a component used to connect the pipe, tighten the pipe connection or lock between pipes. With the fulfillment of all the existing completeness to support the work of the design of buildings that have been made, and produce a building or project built in accordance with the image and purpose of its function.

We sell accesoris scaffolding called clamp, is one of the few completeness or accesoris scaffolding which is a very important instrument for the construction workers in doing their job to work on projects that are difficult to reach, especially when creating large and multilevel buildings such as for office buildings, malls and more. Clamp scaffolding consists of 2 types namely Clamp live (Swivel Clamp) and Clamp off (Rigid / Fixed clamp). Swivel clamp is a circle-shaped clip and can be rotated 360 °, usually used to clamp iron pipe to make hand rails on stairs.

Aneka Jaya Scaffolding is a company engaged in the sale and sale of scaffolding along with selling accesoris scaffolding other supporting equipment both used and new.

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