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Aneka Jaya Scaffolding (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Is A Company That Specializes In The Rental And Sale Of Scaffolding With Its Supporting Equipment Either New Or Second-Hand. Scaffolding We Provide Consists Of 2 Main Frame, 2 Cross Brace, Joint Pin 4 For Sale / Lease. Available In New Condition (New) / Ex (Second). As We Distribute The Goods Are Factory-Made Goods (Manufacturing) Instead Of Home Industries, While The Advantages Are: 1. Done With Las Co2 Technology Instead Of The Usual Electric Welding (High Adhesion) 2. Paint Dye + Outside The Oven Instead Of A Regular Paint Brush 3. Goods Feasibility Test & Certified According To Standard Iso 4. Experienced Distribution To Exit The Island And Even Abroad

Raya Ngagel 23 surabaya jawa timur {Daerah Bagong} Surabaya 60246
Jawa Timur , Indonesia

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